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Odoo is conceded as an enlightened and dependable tool for managing business operations and it is an open-source ERP for business management.

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Odoo is one of the complete business management software which is available today capable of undergoing all company functioning with its designated modules of operations. Established in 2005 by Fabien Pinckaers the Odoo was initially called TinyERP and was the first software product from the establishment. The platform started to grow quickly and from Version 8 it was renamed Odoo. The software continued to embark on its business management as aspects making the developers release two editions of the platform from version 9 of the software. The community and the enterprise edition are different in certain operational capabilities. Today the Odoo has its latest version V15 which is considered as one of the most advanced as well as the fastest Odoo ever released.

Today with more than 7 million users all across the world Odoo ERP is stretched to become one of the most used business management software, all tracks to the reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in operations. One of the key reasons for this growth is the open-source feature of the Odoo ERP making it useful for all. Odoo also provides 28500 plus add-on modules including both paid and free apps, which provides additional features to the existing one and thus grow your business a step forward in ease of operations.

Why Skylabs Services?

Skylabs acquires the necessary knowledge and assets to fabricate, assemble, and supervise a conscientious and protected technological infrastructure that suits your obligations, enabling you to focus on managing your company with affirmation. Our services include Web development, Mobile App Development, Custom App Development, ERP, CRM, and POS. Additionally, we offer Odoo services such as Implementation, Migration, Customization, Training & Support.

Odoo Customization

With over 8 years of experience, we are a trustworthy company providing Odoo solutions to our clients with gladdening outcomes. Our team of professionals is at your service, and we offer a various range of Odoo services. We specialize in customizing ERP add-ons for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Odoo Support

The presentation of technical and functional assistance has a remarkable domination on the satisfaction of our clients. Our ultimate focus is on providing preventive assistance to our clients, and we are dedicated to keeping a close watch on their technical requirements. Our extent of support services embraces customization, bug fixing, functional support, and more, all designed to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Odoo Migration

Odoo proposes numerous versions, and each year, a new version is released, needing existing users to modernize. Nonetheless, upgrading versions can give rise to a significant challenge due to the utter volume of data, applications, and customized apps. As a ramification, migration procedures for both databases and customized apps are preferred.

Odoo Implementation

By implementing Odoo, you can accomplish an entirely integrated and user-friendly platform that entitles flawless data analysis. Apparently, ERP implementation associates automating your business processes to diminish human errors. The numerous stages of ERP implementation include Consulting, Ideation, Planning, Design and Development, Testing and Quality Assurance, Deployment on the Cloud, and Training.

Odoo Readymade Solution

Our company offers a spectrum of pre-built solutions customized to meet your distinctive business requirements. Exploiting our ready-made apps is a rapid and elementary approach to launching your business app. Nevertheless, whether you need apps for visitor management, food delivery, grocery, or e-commerce, we offer over 100 ready-made solutions to select from.

Why choose Odoo ERP?

The answer is why not? With a dedicated modular approach to business operations the Odoo ERP has application-specific modules which are interconnected in operations to deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective business operations and its management. Moreover, the Odoo ERP platform has a centralized approach in operations with one central inventory management system to run the retail, wholesale, and e-commerce operations of the company to run effectively. Additionally, one central database stores all the information of the company making the information exchange both in-house and outhouse of the establishment and the communication can be performed effectively.

How does Odoo compare to others in the market?

Odoo ERP modules

Every modules in the Odoo ERP serves specific functions and they are integrally
works to achieve the business goal

Accounting in Odoo ERP

The accounting module of Odoo will act as the tool for complete financial aspects management in your company. Directly integrated with the invoicing, sales, purchase, and all other supporting modules of operation in Odoo the accounting module will provide provision to describe taxes, payment methodologies, and options, define various payment acquires, manage the fiscal year settings, and many more aspects on the financial management of the company.

Invoicing in Odoo ERP

The invoicing module of the Odoo platform deals with the invoicing aspect of the sales operations conducted on the product and services. The module is directly integrated with accounting, sales, e-commerce, POS, field services, and all other supporting modules of operations. With the invoicing module you can manage the various invoice generation aspects, generated invoices, assign payment options, and many more customizable features as per the company operational norms.

CRM in Odoo ERP

Customer relationship management plays a vital role in the company functioning therefore, Odoo has a designated module to perform it. With the CRM module, you could generate leads, enrich them, pursue them with various activities, manage them and gain opportunities with the options available in the module. Furthermore, there are lead soaring options that can be integrated with the marketing operations of the companies.

Sales in Odoo ERP

The Odoo sale module will overlook all the sales operations of the company from sending sales quotations, consisting of sale operations, describing the product to the customer, and many more. The module is in direct integration with the e-commerce and POS operations of the company and modules such as invoicing, accounting, inventory, and purchase aspects of the Odoo ERP.

Website in Odoo ERP

A company website can be one of the best platforms for business and showcasing the operations of the establishment. The Odoo website module is incorporated with an Odoo website builder and management aspects which will help to create a company website, design it, configure it to be operations, and manage the functioning from this module. The e-commerce aspects of Odoo functioning through the website module

Ecommerce in Odoo ERP

Online business platforms have become one of the most and key areas of business today. The Odoo e-commerce management aspect is being described in the website module, providing provisions for you to describe the e-commerce platform, sell products through it and manage the operations with various functional tools and operational options available.

POS in Odoo ERP

The Odoo Point of sales module of the Odoo platform will provide you with a retails sales management tool that will function in the counter of the store with direct invoicing accessibility. Moreover, you can define a bar or a restaurant using this module to operate in a live environment and manage its functioning.

Project in Odoo ERP

A company will have various projects in operations under its sleeves and be well defined using the Odoo project module which will act as a medium to create new ones and manage the existing projects. Moreover, with direct integration with the various operational management modules of the Odoo ERP, the project module will be an excellent project operational management application of the company.

Inventory in Odoo ERP

WIth Odoo ERPs inventory management module all the operations on product movement regarding the purchase, sales, e-commerce, retail, wholesale operations of the company can be well described and managed. Moreover, centralized management will add up to the smooth operations of the inventory aspects of the company.

Manufacturing in Odoo ERP

The Odoo manufacturing module will provide you with a complete management tool for the manufacturing operations of the company. With features such as describing the subcontracting operations, work schedule management, defining work centers and controlling the operation of the work centers, and many more the Odoo ERPs manufacturing module will be a reliable tool.

Business Industries
in Odoo

Inventory in Odoo ERP


Restaurant Management


E-commerce & Website

Hotel Management